Protein Management

Protein Management

The Alltech Protein Management program provides a consistent, high-quality source of protein, giving your animals the protein and energy they need to produce at their peak—particularly during times of environmental or production stresses that can result in decreased intake.

By fitting the same nutrients into a smaller package, it ensures your herd receives what it needs to make it through the entire day.

The Alltech Protein Management program outlines the products and solutions that fit your herd best, making your feed work harder, so your animals don’t have to.

Adding Alltech's protein solutions to your feed can:

  • Provide a source of consistent high quality protein to your animals
  • Enhance fiber digestion
  • Support milk production
  • Optimize rumen efficiency, giving you more with less

OPTIGEN® is a technology that allows feed formulation which meets the needs of the rumen microbial population more effectively, resulting in increased microbial population growth, increased fiber digestion and improved efficiency of rumen nitrogen capture.

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